UV Coating

UV Coating is the process of applying to the stock a liquid polymer that is cured solid by means of exposure to ultraviolet light.  UV coating can only be applied to coated stock.  Standard coatings are available in Gloss or Dull/Matte

  • Spot UV coating is the process of using a fine screen with a photo sensitive emulsion applied to it that once exposed and processed can allow the coating to be applied precisely to specific areas of the stock. We can spot coat UV a sheet from 17.5” x 23” to 28” x 40”
  • Flood UV coating is the process of coating the entire sheet with UV Coating.  We can flood UV coat a sheet from 14” x 20” to 28” x 40”
  • Specialty UV coatings are available to order specifically for each project.  The can be coatings with glitter, texture, glow in the dark, and tinting.